Brilliant (brilliant_eyes) wrote in sex_ed,


Okay... I have a question about women, mostly, and sex. I'm just wondering if it's weird that I'm not so sexually active with my boyfriend. He's kind of into sex more than me and I guess he thinks that he's in his "prime" right now, so he's hornier than I am (he's almost 22, and I'm 19). I guess I'm just wondering if it's "normal" that my boyfriend is so much more hornier than I am, and I guess I'm turned off by his advancements and he says that he's trying to hold back, but I don't think he's trying hard enough, since he continues to try to turn me on when I'm totally not in the mood, and I just want to be able to make advancements towards him, not always the other way around. It's really annoying... and any advice would help.


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