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broken condom.... HELP!

I need some help people....?
Back story a little bit. I'm in a monogamous relationship with a man, and we have been having sex for quite some time. We are currently engaged and I am very happy with him. We have had to use some different types of condoms recently, since I had ran out of my backstock of condoms from my high school clinic (I just graduated 2 years ago, so they're not really old). We have recently switched to Trojan's, since they seem to have the most out there and I just wanted some regular ones.

Anyways, last night, we were having sex... and during the course of the encounter, the condom broke and he finished inside of me. He didn't realize the condom had broken until he pulled out (which was maybe 30 seconds or so after he finished since we do like to cuddle just a bit afterwards). (The ones that I have at my house [which are the Trojan Spermicidal Lubricant] have broken ONCE before... but he did not finish that time...) Fortunately, it was our second round, and I don't think that he had AS MANY little swimmers than the first round... but we both were freaking out a bit.
We went to the closest Walgreen's that had an open pharmacy (this is at like 11pm last night), and we got a "plan B" (aka "morning after pill") pack to take, and I took both of the pills right when we got to his house, at the correct time (the first one ASAP, and the second 12 hours afterwards)... and I'm just a little freaking out.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone help me calm my nerves a little bit and tell me if there's a really good chance I won't get pregnant? I JUST got done with my period, and so I'm not ovulating or anything like that, and I'm even thinking about going and getting a douche or something like that to make sure nothing happens. I'm just a little freaked out right now... can someone help me please?!?!?!?!


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